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Upper Body Exoskeleton Suit for Sale

Upper Body Exoskeleton Suit for Sale

Injuries to U.S. workers cost companies billions of dollars each year, leading them to search for new ways to reduce the burden of these costs. Fortunately, there is a technology available now that provides an innovative and cost-effective solution to this problem.  Levitate Technologies Inc. is at the forefront of that technology for anyone looking to find an exoskeleton suit for sale.

Their flagship product the Airframe is an upper-body exoskeleton suit that supports a worker’s arms to help reduce muscle and joint fatigue. Major companies including Toyota, John Deere, and BMW are already reaping the benefits of using Levitate’s exoskeletons.

Levitate Technologies Inc. has recently won the CONNECT Most Innovative New Product Award. Their portfolio of patents and commitment to ongoing innovation make Levitate Technologies Inc. the right choice if you are looking for an exoskeleton suit for sale. Companies who have tried the exoskeleton suit are already excited about its benefits and ease of use.

We make it easy for you to introduce exoskeleton suits into your workplace. We come to your site and offer complete training for both your workers who will be wearing the suits and for your safety engineers as well. Our training includes showing you how to operate the suits and how to provide a custom fit.

The exoskeleton suit for sale works by supporting the arms of workers when they are reaching overhead. It is especially helpful in preventing fatigue and injuries when workers are performing repetitive motions. Instead of the back, neck, and shoulders bearing the brunt of the weight of the arms, the weight is redistributed to the core.

An exoskeleton suit works along with the person who is wearing it by responding to their motions. The Airframe contains a pulley system that assists workers as they raise their arms. When they lower their arms, the suit releases its support in a smooth motion. To the worker wearing the suit, this all feels very natural, and the amount of support is personalized for each individual user.

Exoskeleton suits also make workers stronger. Wearing the suits dramatically reduces the amount of effort needed to complete tasks, enabling workers to perform more tasks without getting tired. Workers who wear the exoskeletons are often enthusiastic and find the suits easy to put on and take off.  Because the suits don’t restrict motion, they don’t get in the way when people are working in tight spaces. They are also light and comfortable to wear, allowing workers to work in them for extended periods of time.

Being an early adopter of this new technology will give your company a competitive edge. Companies that have already started using the exoskeletons have seen increases in both the quantity and quality of the work performed in their factories.

With exoskeleton suits, the future of workplace safety has arrived. While the idea may seem like it was ripped from a science-fiction movie, this wearable technology is very much a reality in today’s fast-moving world. Buying exoskeleton suits are a wise investment that will pay off in multiple ways. Stop losing so much money on medical and disability costs. Don’t miss out on increased productivity. The exoskeleton is an all-in-one solution to an array of problems that keep businesses from reaching their full potential. It is truly a win-win situation that helps workers reduces costs and increases revenue overall.

We invite you to try the Airframe exoskeleton in your workplace to see what it can do for your company. Call us today at (858) 688-5381, or email to get started. We’d be glad to tell you more about this exciting technology.