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What is a robotic exoskeleton?

What is a robotic exoskeleton?

A robotic exoskeleton is a cutting-edge suit that may feature hydraulic components, electric motors and pneumatic devices, and some exoskeletons contain levers that improve the fluidity of each component’s motions. The suit has a design that lets the device utilize the exact range of motion of the user. The exoskeletons may prevent injuries, reduce fatigue, improve productivity and help wearers who have experienced injuries.

Increasing Endurance

Generally, robotic exoskeletons are used by individuals who regularly move boxes and containers, and the suits can prevent soreness, inflammation and the buildup of scar tissue that may be associated with repetitive motions. Consequently, the suit could improve well-being and reduce the duration of each task that a wearer completes. Furthermore, some exoskeletons may significantly increase an individual’s strength and improve the user’s speed.

Enhancing the Fluidity of the Movements

When a wearer moves a hand upward, the suit swiftly increases support for the arm, and once the hand is above the user’s head, the exoskeleton’s components will fully stabilize the hand. While the individual lowers the arm, the equipment gradually reduces the support for the arm, so the equipment’s movements exactly mimic the wearer’s motions.

What Is a Robotic Exoskeleton?

Many of the suits consist of carbon fiber, which is an especially lightweight material that is resistant to impacts. Some exoskeletons also contain cables that are made of metal, and these lines may substantially improve the suit’s lifespan and enhance the functionality of other components. Moreover, a robotic exoskeleton might have numerous straps that stabilize the suit and the user.

Improving Safety and Helping Customers

Certain exoskeletons feature sensors that can prevent the suits from completing unsafe movements. Numerous reports have indicated that many exoskeletons may tremendously decrease the risk of injuries and reduce the medical costs of a customer who has been injured. Some of the suits could substantially increase the range of motion of individuals who are suffering from injuries.

Evaluating the Robotic Exoskeletons That Our Company Sells

Levitate Technologies Inc. can create various types of robotic exoskeletons that will help wearers who frequently perform motions that involve the shoulders, the chest, the arms, the hands and the back. Each suit has a custom fit that enhances comfort, and the sleek designs can substantially improve the rapidity and the ease of each movement. If you would like to learn additional information about our robotic exoskeletons, you can submit the contact form that our company offers.